• Dr. Emilio Parisini has been invited to deliver a lecture at the XXII Edoardo Amaldi Conference 'Nuclear Risks and Arms Control: Problems and Progress in the Time of Pandemics and War', which was held at the Accademia dei Lincei in Rome (Italy) on 6-8 Apr. 2022. Title of Dr. Parisini's oral presentation: 'International cooperation to tackle future pandemics'.

  • Dr. Emilio Parisini has been elected as the Latvia representative in the Scientific Committee of the European Society of Applied Biocatalysis (ESAB) (24 March 2022)

  • Dr. Parisini has completed a 4-month Visiting Professorship at the Politecnico di Milano (Italy, Oct 2021-Jan 2022).

  • Dr. Parisini has secured a Latvia-French bilateral grant (OSMOSIS) in collaboration with Prof. Frederic Andre' (CNRS-Marseille).

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